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Bodies must have major visible appendages, such as lights, intakes, engine detail, etc. must be shown in their correct positions and colours. Clear plastic bodies shall be painted. (This includes painting the body sides).  Moulded in wings must be realistic in appearance (either by black dividing lines, shadow, or contrasting colours).  Any requirements for specific bodies included in the approved body list are mandatory.
All cars must have transparent windscreens and windows as found on the prototype.
All cars must have a driver securely fixed, and consisting of a minimum of head, shoulders, arms and top segment of the steering wheel joining the hands. None of these items may be just painted on.
Cars must carry clearly legible racing numbers in at least two APPROPRIATE places.
No part of the motor, chassis, gears or tyres shall be visible when viewed from above or through the windscreen or windows.

Free choice.

Chassis Front End
The front wheels of all cars must make a minimum angle of 85 degrees with the track.  One-piece wheels and tyres shall have the appropriate part black.  In addition, 2 dimensional wheel stickers in line with BSCRA regulations may be used.

Chassis Rear End
Gears are free, but they must not protrude below the underside of the chassis.
Motor must be a C Can Group 12 in line with BSCRA Open Group 12 rules.
Magnets may be shimmed, honed and notched for axle clearance.
Motor components from different manufacturers may be mixed.

By order of the committee - Pontefract Slot Car Club.