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1/24th Production - Summer Championship 2018

Bodies must be of a 1965 or earlier Sports car.
The bodies must be a reasonable representation of the real car, i.e. no high down force
bodies. The body must be fitted with a suitable interior and 3 dimensional driver and have at
least 2 racing numbers in appropriate places. It is desirable that there are a variety of bodies
used in this class. As a consequence of this, if one particular body becomes dominant, its’
use will be reviewed by the committee.

The following Betta bodies are currently allowed in this class. 1955 Mercedes 300 SLR <http://bettaandclassic.com/1955%20Mercedes%20300%20SLR.jpg>,
1956 Jaguar D Type <http://bettaandclassic.com/1956%20Jaguar%20D%20Type.jpg>, 1957 Maserati 450 LM <http://bettaandclassic.com/1957%20Masserati%20450%20LM.jpg>, 1963 Aston Martin Zagato , <http://bettaandclassic.com/1963%20Aston%20Martin%20Zagato%20215.jpg>
1964 A.C. Cobra <http://bettaandclassic.com/1964%20A.C.%20Cobra.jpg>, 1964 Ferrari 250 LM <http://bettaandclassic.com/1964%20Ferrari%20250%20LM.jpg>, 1964 Shelby Daytona Cobra <http://bettaandclassic.com/1964%20Shelby%20Daytona%20Cobra.jpg>, 1965 Chaparral 2D <http://bettaandclassic.com/1965%20Chapparral%202D.jpg>,
1965 Lola T70 <http://bettaandclassic.com/1965%20Lola%20T70.jpg>
If anyone wishes to use a body not on the list, they can ask the committee to consider it. If it is
deemed to be within the spirit of the rules it will be added. The proposer may be asked to
supply an example of the body to support their application.

Cars may use any 1/24th production chassis homologated for BSCRA racing. With the Parma Flexi 1 or Flexi 2 chassis, a hot wing may be fitted. No aluminium pans may be fitted to any car. No modifications except that pin tubes may be fitted and the rear and gear may be strengthened with piano wire not exceeding 16swg. EDM cut strengthening brackets may also be used as these make car construction simpler and are often supplied with chassis.

Chassis Front End
Hot wing may be soldered in place as this strengthens the chassis. Aluminium and rubber/plastic front wheels at least ˝” diameter of any make on 16g piano wire axle. Alternatively, 2 dimensional wheel stickers in line with BSCRA regulations may be used.

Chassis Rear End
Axles free choice.
Gears free choice of material, pitch and ratio.  The gear should not protrude below the chassis.
Rear axle bearings must be solid bush bearings. No ballraces. Rear Bearings may be soldered in position.
Tyres - Free choice. Max 21mm width.

Motor must be any motor from the following list. JK Hawk Retro, JK Hawk 6, JK Hawk 7 and Proslot Euro Mk1. FK type motors must be unopened and unmodified. Brush shunts may be fitted on other types of motors. Motors may be soldered in place and braced with a single piece of piano wire not exceeding 16swg.

Overall Width
83mm maximum.

By orderof the committee - Pontefract Slot Car Club.