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Must be Sports/GT type.
All cars must have transparent windscreens and windows as found on the prototype.
All cars must have a driver securely fixed, and consisting of a minimum of head, shoulders, arms and top segment of the steering wheel joining the hands. None of these items may be just painted on.
Cars must carry clearly legible racing numbers in at least two APPROPRIATE places.
No part of the motor, chassis, gears or tyres shall be visible when viewed from above or through windows.

Any chassis that is currently permitted for use in BSCRA 1/32nd production may be used. The current list of allowed chassis comprises: 'Eurotoy II', Parma International 32, GM Demon, TWP "Euro toy" CMG Bulldog or JK 2 Piece. In addition the JK laser cut chassis (both versions) may be used provided they are used with a motor eligible for BSCRA 1/32nd Novice Production. All other chassis may be used with any permitted motor.

Chassis rear end
Only solid bush axle bearings may be used in this class, no ball races are allowed. Rear axle bearings may be soldered in place. Rear end of chassis may be strengthened with a single piece of piano wire not exceeding 16swg.

Permitted motors are Mura Wasp, Super Wasp, Proslot Wasp, Viper/RJR Hornet ,Proslot Euro Mk1or any motor currently allowed in BSCRA 1/32nd Novice Production or Formula 2 .
Novice Production motors must be completely unmodified.  Other motors may have magnets shimmed or honed. Brushes may be replaced and shunted. Major components (Armature, Magnets, can and endbell) may only be from a single manufacturer. No mixing of manufacturers components is allowed. C can motor can end bearing may be a ball race.

By order of the committee - Pontefract Slot Car Club.